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Dec 3, 2013 12:00am EST
so we do some statistics that i won't talk about here and we estimate that the frequency of this row file in the population of european ancestry is about one in 50. so it's useful evidence but certainly not convincing enough to establish the identity of that evidentiary sample. so we look at another repeat system at another chromosome location. so here's our defendant. here's her evidentiary sample. is that a match are not? yeah, it's a match so again we ask how frequent is this profile in the general population and a reference population? it's about one in seven and now we have two pieces of information. one with the frequency of one and 50 and another with the frequency of one and 70. we can take those two pieces of information multiply them together to say what's the likelihood that someone has both this profile as well as the other profile, one 50th and one 70th, one in 3500. now we have more information. we looked at a third system. there was again a match. the estimated frequency of that profile was one in 90. a fourth system again showed a match. in this case a suspect got the
Dec 9, 2013 2:30pm EST
that building, got into the parliament and sat ten rows behind binyamin netanyahu with a plastic gun on his possession. so this isn't science fiction. this isn't just a perceived or imagined threat. this is real. this is now. and we've got to do something about it. one of the things that's happened in the wake of sandy hook is that schools have invested in enormous amounts of security. i'm somebody who doesn't believe that ultimately that's the way you keep schools safe. but to the extent that schools have put in more metal deducters, have put in more security platforms around their entryways and exitways, it doesn't do any good if somebody can walk through that school who wants to do great damage within it with plastic firearm that will be legal in this country in one way, shame, or form if we don't pass an updated version of this bill right now this week. it's time that we recognize that the future is here. plastic guns are real. and as we approach the one-year anniversary of the most horrific school shooting that this country has ever seen, it is fipple for us to do what we have many tim
Dec 7, 2013 7:45pm EST
in the middle can't overcome one child getting one of those teachers putting so much pull. >> how does that work? how does the unone do so much damage in the row of four? >> let's just say in that thing, the teacher above average, a good teacher, they are gaining a little. they are gaining a little bit. four in a row, you gain, if by chance you got four in a row of the 60% teacher, you gain, but the damage done by the two-thirds is losing a grade, losing an entire grade with the one teacher. that's what i'm referring to. i do want to clarify one thing, though, because that -- when you look at all the data, and you look at all the things that the book says, these are the things that you find that will close the gap. everyone goes to the thing, you know, fire the teachers, fire the teachers. that's not what the research says. if you say to me, you can only do one thing, that's not the thing i would do. you can only do two thingsing that's not what the research says to do. do three things, that's still not the thing to do. that is not -- everybody's attention is always on that, and that's not what
Dec 8, 2013 10:35am EST
, thompson never showed good washington showed up, say, guys, i want to meet neighboring. on the hostage row when the police not washington. the best kept to themselves. >> that's also a safety precaution. so if somebody is caught and questioned severely, he can't spill the beans. >> guest: and a day. the cia told me to read into this. i kept reading that tenet didn't know what it meant. so, they said they did that drops. if i am looking to get information to you, i might put you at these coordinates at this rock. >> host: but that is a dead drop rate here. >> guest: take that will pick it up. >> host: we were talking about dead drops. finish that off. >> guest: yesterday about the tools of the trade. one is the cia told me what to the virginia and i did that because i want to make sure it wasn't so caught up in the story that has been blurred by. i wanted to make sure, and that could have the right path and say this is a special group and they told me they teach their guys this thing. i go how would you define that? they said you have a set location and i would tell you, go to 66 and 30 giv
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm EST
's "washington post" was a great purchase and interesting. john henry from "the boston globe," the front row as well. i think the future will be bright because that dna with a plug in and transferred in mutated at "the new york times." i don't know how many subscribers "the new york times" has now, but the transformation has been substantial. i got a great deal on the "huffington post" and just got a good "washington post," depending what he does with it. >> thank you. i want to stay on the "washington post" for a minute and he relates to the globe as well. caroline, he ran the digital division at the post and then i think left after it was integrated back into the parent. in retrospect, do you think it was inevitable that the grant family would sell it to someone or is there something that could've been done at some stage that would've changed the future? >> i don't think it was inevitable. i'm probably not answering your question. it's just too hard to say. i think it is quite wise to sell the east coast. just add don has been transferred long time and they share similar values. i think un
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5